You are at the right place if the below points have you nodding "yes, that's me!"

You are a "high achiever". Which means that you have done some great things in your life.

You are here because everything is going great in your life EXCEPT your relationship.

The truth of the matter is that you know the suffering that comes from an unstable relationship. It can completely destroy the foundation of everything you have achieved.

If everything above made sense to you, then you are at the right place.

I'm going to teach you exactly how to create habits and a next-level mindset that will help you build and sustain your relationship without feeling overwhelmed or getting stuck.

We will work hard, get our hands dirty, and come out of this thriving.

Are you ready to reclaim your life and learn exactly how to get out of your own way so that you can become the type of person that you will desire to attract?

I will help you create breakthroughs that take you from repeating cycles to meeting your goals and objectives.

Together we work on removing negative beliefs, unhealthy habits, and self-sabotage.

I am a father of three (if you count our family dog), a husband, and like you a person that wakes up each and every day searching for happiness, success, and calmness.

Let's come together and move mountains. One pebble at a time. We will get there together.

Steps To Getting Started...

Step 1: Select a payment package option.

Step 2: After purchasing your package option, you will receive an email from me to set up our first coaching meeting. This is where we get to know each other and identify if it makes sense moving forward.

The process starts with the completion of initial forms that help me understand your goals and the challenges you are experiencing.

During this meeting, we will set our schedule for future meetings.

Joining the coaching program gives you...

  • Live coaching. 1:1 Bi-Monthly Coaching Sessions with Dr. Santos
  • Lifetime access to the course curriculum
  • Actionable handouts aimed to address your difficulties with effective solutions

In our 3 month journey together, we will walk step-by-step to achieve your goals.

You do not have to keep waiting. Invest in yourself.

When you join, here's just the tip of the iceberg of what you'll get...

--> You'll discover exactly how to communicate your feelings in a manner that can be heard.

--> You'll understand exactly how to build a successful relationship.

--> You'll skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that stop MOST people and go right to a proven process that works. A method that helps you create a mindset and habits focused on improving life.

--> You'll know exactly how to build and sustain a healthy relationship.

--> You'll learn how you can take care of yourself, your family, and your future.

As Seen On TV, Radio, Podcast...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the subscription work?

 Subscription for coaching. The focus is connected to your goals and addresses the key reasons that brought you here. The service provides 24/7 access with a response rate of 48 hours. This gives space to provide effective feedback. 

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

Because of the investment made by the coach, there are no refunds. The purpose of the initial $500.00 session is to ensure that we are a good fit for each other.

As stated in Teachable's Terms of Use, Coaching IS NOT covered by Teachable's 30-day student refund policy.

How do I schedule my appointment?

Upon purchasing coaching, you'll receive further instructions on how to book a time for your appointment.

Can I purchase coaching more than once?

Absolutely! Reach out to your coach for questions on moving forward.

Coaching versus Counseling and why you should know the difference.

It should be known that Dr. Juan Santos is not taking the role of clinician/licensed mental health professional in this program. Purchasing the course means that you understand and agree to the differences in the role taken and agree to not hold Dr. Juan Santos liable in any manner. You further agree to work with Dr. Juan Santos as a "coaching" client.